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Why Wisconsin Cheese?

Black Friday (Spicy!) Mango Fire and Turkey Sandwich



Everyone knows this is what we've been waiting for: the deliciousness of the leftover turkey sandwich! Rev up the heat and flavor with our spicy Mango Fire Cheddar Cheese and it's a whole new game. 

(Makes one sandwich)

2 slices good white bread, one side spread with Door County Mustard

Thinly sliced leftover turkey, pile as high as you care on the mustard side of one of the bread slices

Top turkey with 1/4 cup shredded Mango Fire Cheddar Cheese

Top turkey with a handful of spinach leaves

Cover with the mustard side down of second bread slice

Heat a pan with one tablespoon butter, medium heat.

Add sandwich when butter is melted, press lightly and grill until cheese begins to melt. Flip sandwich and grill until golden brown and cheese is melted. Cut sandwich in half (on the diagonal only, please!) and enjoy!


"Warm" temperature storage and Shipping Cheese

We have found that many people have questions about the storage of their cheese. As we ship more and more cheese each year these questions have expanded to include the safety of cheese shipped in "warm" temperatures.Research by leaders in the dairy industry have concluded, "the inherent characteristicsof most cheeses create a hostile environment for bacterial [...]

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Apple Smoked Cheddar Hot Browns

Apple Smoked Cheddar Hot Browns2 T butter4 slices rye bread1 lb fresh shaved turkey or ham (or both)½ lb grated Apple Smoked Cheddar1 T grated onion½ Cup mayonnaiseDash Hot SauceDash of Worchestershire SaucePreparation:Lightly butter rye bread. Place on cookie sheet or individual oven-proof serving dishes. Top each slice of bread with ¼ of meat. Mix cheese, mayo, onion, hot sauce and Worchestershire. Top meat with mixture. Bake [...]

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French Onion Soup Baked Cheese Sandwich

Why are so many restaurants famous for their French Onion Soup?Because it's delicious!The problem is, it's a pain to make, takes too much time, you need the right bowls...Our solution? A Sandwich!The key to a great French Onion Soup, and, to our sandwich, is the cheese. We use Grand Cru, a flavor packed Gruyere style [...]

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Fondue Recipe

In the 70’s everyone had a Fondue pot. Well, they are back. Many cheeses can be used to create this classic dish that your guests can enjoy all night long. We don’t think you can beat Grand Cru as the center piece.Grand Cru Fondue1 tablespoon butter1 1/4 cups thinly sliced shallots (about 6 ounces)1 teaspoon sugar1 1/2 cups (or more) [...]

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Why Wisconsin Cheese?

We are often asked why we started Wisconsin Cheese Masters. It's a relatively simple story.After years spent in the marketing field, I wanted to start an on-line business. This was almost 10 years ago, after the initial bubble of on-line retailers had burst. The only issue was I had no idea what I was going [...]

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