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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Due to the perishable nature of our products we only ship via USPS Priority Mail and offer the option of USPS Express. We do not ship outside the Midwest from Memorial Day through Labor Day unless Express Shipping is chosen. and, we do not include ice. We find ice creates too much condensation and renders the cheese wet.

We only ship on Monday, Tuesday (and Wednesday for Midwest delivery) to assure Wednesday, Thursday or Friday delivery of your order.

USPS Shipping includes a "shipper release" meaning that the driver will LEAVE your shipment at its destination if no one can accept delivery.

If your shipment is being delivered to a location with a community "drop box" or "locker" USPS may not deliver if it is full. Please check to make sure that the locker can receive shipments.

Please make sure that the recipient is able to take delivery and properly store your order. We recommend placing the shipment in refrigeration upon arrival.

We can only ship our products to destinations in the U.S.

Returns Policy

WisconsinCheeseMasters.Com guarantees your complete satisfaction with products you order from us. Contact us within 24 hours if there is any problem with any products you order from us. Unfortunately, as with all shipping businesses, we cannot guarantee the speed of delivery from our shipper. We use USPS Priority and deliveries are not guaranteed on a certain date.

We do recommend that when ordering perishable products, like Wisconsin Cheese, you confirm that the recipient will be available to receive, open and properly store your order since we are unable to replace cheeses that perish due to the recipient being unavailable at the time of delivery or if our shipper fails to meet their projected delivery date.

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